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  • 0 NP0016 The Great Attachment DebateNP0016, Attachment, Session 6, Allan Schore 05.21.2012 14:38
    In the 70s, I was drawn to Carl Roger's facilitative conditions and to the spirit of non-directive therapy. Now it seems we've got an expanded notion of those conditions, but basically come full circle, with the research and scientific imprimatur to support them. Behavioral and cognitive approaches can still be helpful, but but usually in stage two, in the broader context of an attuned therapeutic alliance. Thank you so much for this presentation, Alan. Elena Lesser Bruun
  • 0 NP0016 The Great Attachment DebateNP0016, Attachment, Session 4, David Schnarch 04.10.2012 16:22
    I don't see differentiation as antithetical to attachment therapy. Don't both stances agree that we are get attached in early childhood and that the particular kind of attachment is either good, less good or maybe even "disgusting?" I also think we might agree that most/all parents do the best they can, as long as it is understood that some parents' best is not good enough for their children. In cases where parenting was really bad, I somehow doubt clients could handle the tough love Schnarch provides unless or until clients have a sense of what a secure attachment feels like. I greatly admire Schnarch's emphasis on therapist integrity and learn a lot from hearing him speak, but I don't think I'd sign up for therapy...a little too authoritarian for me.

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