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  • 0.1 NP0017 Handling Today's Hidden Ethical Dilemmas в†’ NP0017, Ethics, Session 1, Mary Jo Barrett 03.05.2012 15:04
    I particularly enjoyed the emphasis on collaborative conversation about boundary issues. "How shall we handle....In my experience what works best is...." etc. are questions that DO express care and respect for clients. Just bringing any of the issues around therapeutic structure into conversation is experienced by clients as tremendously empowering and respectful, and in my own practice, I have received useful feedback in this regard. Documenting that the process has occurred lets me breathe a sigh or relief, of course, but is most useful because the result seems to be that having set up a context where dicey things can and should be brought up, seems to serve as a catalyst for the work.
    I was a bit nervous to hear about MJ's use of touch, but again, can see the possibility in discussing that as part of the therapeutic frame.
    This was a very useful presentation. Thank you.

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