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  • 0 MC0003 Beyond Pills: Effective Psychotherapy with Depressive Clients в†’ MC0003, Beyond Pills, Michael Yapko 12.14.2011 16:29
    Fascinating series. Thank you, Michael. I think Rich's phrase 'unusual conceptual clarity' sums it up. Regarding homework and noticing people who do things well, I immediately thought of the movie, Bill Cunningham New York. What an inspiration. Thinking about him after listening to Michael, I notice he had a very consistent coping style and he had created for himself a very supportive environment - he even had the new kitchen cabinets removed to be replaced with his essential filing cabinets! Any comments, Michael?

    My question is: what would be a useful suggestion to someone who is happy to be an over-achiever with a low boredom threshold, who consistently takes on 'too many diverse projects' and then finds themselves regularly dissociated from their motivational energy, 'forgetting' why they want to achieve whatever it is that they have previously committed to? Previously I have suggested focusing on one thing at a time, dropping tasks and relationships that are not useful, practice of gratitude, taking 'baby' steps, self appreciation of achievements. All these seem to have worked to some extent. Maybe this person just needs to accept that 'life is one damn thing after another'?

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