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Jussi Light, LMFT is the owner of New Growth Counseling Services in Carlsbad, CA focussing on couples and family work using Emotionally Focussed Therapy. www.NewGrwothCounseling.com 760-494-4394

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  • 0.1 NP007 The Road to Clinical ExcellenceNP007, Excellence, Session 2, Etienne Wenger 07.24.2011 20:06
    This was great! Its interesting to think of our field as having a knowledge base that is stored not in books, but in people. It is making me realize that my ability to access all the truth and knowledge that exists is not so much a function of how smart I am or how much I read, but also how well connected I become. This webinar has made me think even harder about how to manage my connections/networks and my time, thank you for that. It has also got me thinking that professional isolation causes more than just loneliness...it also limits our access to knowledge and growth in ways we can never achieve alone. Great series Rich, thanks again.
  • 0 NP007 The Road to Clinical ExcellenceNP007, Excellence, Session 1, Scott Miller 07.18.2011 16:52
    right - its like when I first learned to play a difficult song and only got it half right...but I never learned how to really play it accurately - all these years later how do I play it still...the wrong way. Its not me playing it over and over that matters, but me stopping, figuring out how to play it accruately, then practicing the accurate way with feedback and so forth. With therapy, I have to watch my own video tapes, show them to others, get feedback and identify what I'm getting stuck on so I can focus on that and then figure out where and when to actually practice that. The EFT community (Sue Johnson's work) here in San Deigo offers this opportunity monthly and sometimes (like this past weekend) we go in deep and spend 8 hours in small groups with trainers, role-playing and focussing on what we need to improve. But what a difference it makes! Thanks for your comments
  • 0 NP007 The Road to Clinical ExcellenceNP007, Excellence, Session 1, Scott Miller 07.15.2011 18:03
    yes yes - shame is the great enemy!
  • 0 NP007 The Road to Clinical ExcellenceNP007, Excellence, Session 1, Scott Miller 07.15.2011 18:01
    It makes sense - I am a guitarist, in addition to a therapist, and if I want better outcomes (to sound better, to get gigs, to play with the really good players) I have to constantly practice, rehearse and expand my abilities (stealing other guys riffs!). Why should it be any different for therapists? I recently watched the Charlie Rose brain-series and on the last show he focussed on creativity and the brain, so he brought the artists Richard Serra and Chuck Close - the discussion started to focus on their genius, to which they each replied words to the effect, "its not about whether we're geniuses or inspiried - its that we work at our art constatnly...and we learn from what doesn't work." This seems to be the same idea that Scott and Rich discussed. Excellence in any field is achieved by working at becoming excellent - nothing less. And the particular work is not mysterious - it is not the result of "being a genius" (although I'm sure that helps) or being inspired...no it is by following time-proven methods like measuring outcomes, getting feedback from others who will be honest about both stengths and weaknesses, working with mentors/teachers etc. Its exciting to think that I/we can acieve excellence as therapists. Thank you Scott for all your work and Rich for these amazing webinars you put on - I have caught the last three and all have challenged me greatly to grow and to continue building my community to achieve excellence - thank you so very much,
    Jussi Light

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