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  • 0 NP0010 Is Mindfulness Enough? в†’ NP0010, Mindfulness, Session 5, Richard Schwartz 10.26.2011 13:38
    Hi Richard,

    Wow! I have done some basic reading about your approach, but to hear you speak of it and see you in (semi) action was wonderful! Thank you.

    I practice Ron Kurtz's Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy and Jon Eisman's Re-Creation of the Self Psychotherapy - both mindfulness-based and incredibly effective, in my experience. I see many similarities between these therapies and yours and I am inspired to learn more about IFS.

    My question: with regard to the "inner parent" - my understanding is that this is the Self. What I gathered is that, even if people did not have positive role-models for parents,they are able to be their own compassionate and loving inner parent because of the innate wisdom of the Self. Is this correct?

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