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  • 0 NP0013 Is Mindfulness Enough? NP0013, Mindfulness, Session 6, Mark Epstein 02.16.2012 15:56
    I especially liked Mr Epstein's description of the caretaker/false self that arises prematurely to manage the intrusive or abandonment issues of the parental environment. . . and the words, "relax back into" not knowing who you are, as the way out of that state. . .

    Also, at the beginning, he talked about (did he say, Anna Freud's?) perspective of the client sitting in the middle of a triangle, equaldistance fromthe ego, id, and superego. What's wonderful about that, is, that it is the client, not the therapist who is in that middle. . . which Mr. Epstein reiterates near the end of his talk, referring to, ". . . where does the SELF ASSERT ITSELF" (not, the crucial point being, when does the therapist make his interervention. . . "

  • 0.1 NP0013 Is Mindfulness Enough? NP0013, Mindfulness, Session 5, Richard Schwartz 02.09.2012 17:12
    I actually joined this 6-week webinar because of Richard Schwartz--after hearing him at a Networker conference a few years ago. I came away from tonights session similarly excited and deeply affirmed. Really appreciate his clarity about teaching the client how to be the primary attachment figure for the parts of the self, as well as how that process makes for a healthier marriage.
    Jan Snedigar, Budoia , Italy
  • 0 NP0013 Is Mindfulness Enough? NP0013, Mindfulness, Session 4, Michael Yapko 02.02.2012 14:19
    Oh,wow, this hour just flew by--totally absorbing. Extremely helpful is Mr. Yapko's statement that dissociative states are neutral, and can, essentially go either way. . . and as therapists how we generally think of dissociative states ONLY in the context of disturbed/dysfunctional patterns. It's a powerful and instructive reframing in itself to think of positive dissociative states as being a resource that can be developed and cultivated . . .
  • -0.1 NP0013 Is Mindfulness Enough? NP0013, Mindfulness, Session 2, Ron Siegel 01.19.2012 14:56
    I love the line, "I think of my mind like a bad neighborhood, and try not to go there alone." I plan to hijack it to use in therapy, but focused on emotions, because in my experience, it's painful emotions that most people experience as a bad neighborhood. . .
    Speaking of which, those 4 steps for Processing Trauma are really helpful. They serve as an elegant way to explore this area with a scientific and open mind. And each step makes way for the next one, and a successively more adequate and satisfying solution.
    Thank you, Mr. Siegel, for such a helpful distillation of years of inner and outer work.
    Jan Snedigar, Budoia, Italy
  • 0 NP0013 Is Mindfulness Enough? NP0013, Mindfulness, Session 1, Jack Kornfield 01.12.2012 17:13
    The whole "meditation does not solve every problem" was excellent for setting the stage and defining perimeters for this ensuing study. I agree with Rich, that it felt like a dance--in the hands of a natural, playful, master. Cool. I'm already looking forward to next Thursday.

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