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  • 0 P004 New Perspectives on Practice: The Great Attachment Debate в†’ P004, Attachment, Session 6, Allan Schore 05.12.2011 05:07
    I awoke at 4:30 this morning with the awareness that I need to comment about what I noticed yesterday as I experienced your face and body responses to Rich's question about what clues you could pass along to other therapists about how to "do" right brain to right brain work which you "be" so exquisitely. I worked with Charles Truax years ago as he was researching the interpersonal skills arena and continued the work researching the "teachability" of these skills. I've spent 30 years developing a process which I call The ERA (Empathy, Respect, Authenticity) Process and which I have published in the book MAKING REAL LOVE HAPPEN--THE NEW ERA OF INTIMACY. I struggled to make this book clear and simple--it is a primer. Joyce Buckner, PhD

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