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  • 0 NP0026 Handling Today's Hidden Ethical DilemmasEthics in the Digital Age with Ofer Zur 09.20.2012 17:24
    Would you please give me/us the specific citation that Dr. Zur referred to regarding, I think he said, "Journal of Counseling and Development" (?), Winter, 2012, an article on treatment contracts? Thank you, Jennifer Favell
  • 0 NP0026 Handling Today's Hidden Ethical DilemmasThe Therapist's Duty to Warn with Clifton Mitchell 09.19.2012 21:02
    Cliff, what about HIV/AIDS? You didn't mention this. What are the standards, codes, laws, and aspirations that apply in Colorado? Is there a clear line re. duty to warn? Your presentation was very helpful, but this issue is so troubling. Rich, your heartfelt comments and questions, without any ego involvement on an ongoing basis, well, I really appreciate. I echo them. I teach ethics to psychology upper-level undergrads, and this is such a valuable resource. Many thanks for your excellence, candor, expertise, and conversation.

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