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  • 0 NP0020 Men in Therapy: What Clinicians Need to KnowMen and Intimacy: A Relational Approach with Patrick Dougherty 08.04.2012 00:25
    Thank you Patrick. I loved your comments about raising the bar for expectations of male clients. As a female and a female therapist(feminist), I have sometimes discounted men for what they are capable of. I liked your discussion about going deeper into relationships with male clients, rather than be intimidated by men. The role of mentor vs psychotherapist, helped to shift my thinking process. I think being a mentor is easier for a male therapist than a female therapist - our gender driven relationships are so different! But sharing experiences and wisdom with clients makes sense to me(even though it fights with me about boundary issues). Most of all, this presentation used a case approach which is always very helpful in bringing theory to practice.
    For the future, I would have appreciated knowing a little about the "qigong philosophy" theme which came up numerous times. I knew nothing about how that influenced Patrick's thinking.
    Rich, if you could find a way to put a visual copy of putting book titles, web pages, etc. in written form on the screen for students to have. I always look into further reference materials, but it is hard to sort out with so little information provided.
  • 0 NP0020 Men in Therapy: What Clinicians Need to KnowDefusing Male Shame with David Wexler 06.19.2012 20:50
    I liked everything about this presentation. One thing that I will remember is Dr. Wexter talking about his bag of tricks - stories about his own life - and having them readily available when needed. He made the distinction between stories and self disclosure.I also wondered about the different between "shame" and "low self esteem" which is the usual word out there.
  • 0 NP0020 Men in Therapy: What Clinicians Need to KnowMen and Sexuality: Challenging the Myths with Esther Perel 06.15.2012 23:51
    I am so glad I am taking this course through Webcasts. The subject of Men in Therapy is an area for which I have needed help for years. I am afraid I have brought my own personal biases about males into the therapy room. I know I will need to listen to Esther Perel several times before I get her entire message, because it was foreign and abstract to me.

    On another note, I wish this series of webcasts had the slides that accompanied the presentation, since I learn better with both auditory and visual input. I would have liked to hear/see what Dr. Perel has written and how best to get further information.
    Thank you for this valuable information.
  • 0 NP0017 Handling Today's Hidden Ethical DilemmasNP0017, Ethics, Session 5, Steven Frankel 03.26.2012 23:42
    Thank you Dr. Frankel for the webinar you did on Law, Ethics and Risk Management. The major thing I took away from this one hour session, is how little I know about the subject. I have been in practice with clients and supervising therapists for many years, and have never gotten in trouble with the board or the legal system. I wonder sometimes, how I escaped that. I think it is getting harder and harder to practice in today's world and it is amazing that mental health professionals have the least amount of suits against them. I will definitely go on your web site to learn more.
    Rich, you kept on commenting about this webinar being the last of this series, when the 6th in this series was Telemental Health in the 21st Century. Did I get that wrong.
    But I did want to thank you for your presence and commentary through these 6 sessions. Your words and wisdom added a lot.
    Shirley Hanson
  • 0 NP0017 Handling Today's Hidden Ethical DilemmasNP0017, Ethics, Session 3, Clifton Mitchell 03.18.2012 23:53
    I have been taking this ethical course NP 0017. I loved Clifton Mitchell's presentation between the law and the code and mental health professionals duties. He had excellent examples of situations that moved my understanding to another level. This represents one more of the sessions that I will need to listen to at least 2-3 times. I am grateful it is on for a year. I especially liked how close Clifton Mitchell adhered to his outline/slides presented beforehand, where I could make notes right on my print out of the slides. It helped me to track what he had to say.
    Shirley Hanson
  • 0 NP0017 Handling Today's Hidden Ethical DilemmasNP0017, Ethics, Session 2, Ofer Zur 03.06.2012 23:18
    Dr. Zur,
    Talk about being a digital immigrant!! I thought I was doing well with just doing email and having a cell phone. You opened my eyes to the huge areas of the digital age and the practice of MFT. Sure glad that I am semi-retired and just going some consulting. Boy life has changed in my professional career of 50+ years. Thank you for the resources. Dr. H

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