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  • -0.1 NP0024 The Latest Advances in Trauma Treatment: New Perspectives on PTSD в†’ Trauma in Context with Kenneth V. Hardy 09.13.2012 13:10
    I too really enjoyed today's session! My previous job, before going into private practice, was in an inner city hospital in oncology. I had an older female patient, who initially loved me when I helped her with some medical bills. But later on, she didn't like the news from the oncologist, and told the doctor, the nurse practitioner, and me (the social worker) that she hated all of us. She had very little trust of others. From Dr. Hardy's work with these youths, I can also imagine how I might have worked with this woman too. I feel like she was a grown up version of a troubled youth. Thank you for giving me a new perspective of my work. Excellent webinar today! Thank you!

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