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  • 0 NP0025: Treating Anxiety: Latest AdvancesMotivating the Anxious Client: A Paradoxical Approach with David Burns 09.18.2012 13:09
    Dr. Burns, what an excellent and thorough explanation of your techniques! I have read your work but this is my first time hearing you talk about your techniques. I would love to attend one of your trainings as most of my clients experience some form of anxiety. Thank you very much and I look forward to viewing your website.
  • 0 NP0011 Who's Afraid of Couples Therapy?NP0011, Couples, Session 6, David Schnarch 01.20.2012 16:40
    Thanks for a wonderful presentation. I love the way you stay with your presenter, Rich, and help them to clarify what actually takes place in the session. So the presentation becomes a much more practical tool. I like the concept of the collaborative alliance and "truth telling" ...Good work. Florence J. Calhoun
  • 0 NP0011 Who's Afraid of Couples Therapy?NP0011, Couples, Session 2, Hedy Schleifer 12.14.2011 22:02
    Hi Hedy, thanks for an exciting and informative presentation. Your model sounds very interestng and I will follow your website for more information about your work. I was struck by your approach in guiding couples to engage in the content of their polluted relationship through the concept of "visiting neighborhoods." This allows the therapist to observe, guide, and teach without having to join them in their battle with content. Very interesting.
  • -0.1 NP0011 Who's Afraid of Couples Therapy?NP0011, Couples, Session 1, Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson 12.07.2011 14:20
    This presentation by Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson was extremely insightful. There are many ways to engage couples in communicating more effectively, but their method gets deeper into self understanding at the emotional level and the process fosters a deeper compassion for each other. ...Good ideas.
  • -0.1 NP0010 Is Mindfulness Enough? NP0010, Mindfulness, Session 6, Mark Epstein 11.02.2011 13:45
    ...Interesting presentation and perspectives on the relationship between psychoanalysis and Buddhist philosophy. At this stage of my understanding of mindfulness and consideration of its use in my practice, I appreciated the notion that mindfulness is a tool and a vehicle into the understanding of self.
  • 0 NP0010 Is Mindfulness Enough? NP0010, Mindfulness, Session 5, Richard Schwartz 10.26.2011 19:59
    I attended a Symposium presentation with Richard Schwartz many years ago where he introduced the "Intrapsychic" system and I have never forgotten it. It is easy to see the relationship between "going inside" or mindfulness, and this model. I am eager to learn more. The exchange with Rich helped to understand how the practice actually works during a session with a client. Thank you. Florence J. Calhoun, MFT
  • 0 NP0010 Is Mindfulness Enough? NP0010, Mindfulness, Session 2, Ron Siegel 10.06.2011 18:54
    I am looking to expand my understanding of mindfulness as a tool to offer to my clients and to expand my own consciousness. Fortunately I had already read Ron Siegel's artcle in the Networker, which made watching this presentation much more useful, enjoyable, and enlightening. I appreciated the images, the slides, and the resources.
    Florence J. Calhoun, MFT
    Los Angeles, CA
  • 0 P003 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowCouples Therapy, Session 5, Michele Weiner-Davis: Comment Board 03.10.2011 11:05
    I enjoyed Michelle's presentation. The material was clear and can be easily referred to when needed. I have a question about affairs of a different kind. I have recently worked with couples whe have engaged in "cyber-affairs" through the social networks sites and also through text messaging. What is your thinking on these kinds of affairs. Would you use the same approach or something different? Rich, thank you for the opportunity to learn from the experts about their style of working with couples. This was my first webinar series and I can't wait to participate in upcoming ones. Florence Calhoun, Los Angeles, CA.
  • 0 P003 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowCouples Therapy, Session 4, Susan Johnson: Comment Board 03.03.2011 07:55
    This was a wonderful presentation. I would like to learn more. Thanks for providing websites. It seems EFT could take some time, depending on the nature of couple's emotional expression. What is the average number of sessions for this approach? Florence Calhoun, Los Angeles,CA.
  • 0 P003 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowCouples Therapy, Session 3, Harville Hendrix: Comment Board 02.24.2011 07:23
    ...Wonderful presentation. I attended an Imago Therapy Workshop at one of the Networker Symposiums a few years ago and was impressed with the process. I am more impressed now after seeing this presentation. I would like to incorporate Imago Therapy in my practice.
    As I have begun to work with more couples, I see the validity of the Imago process. I will check out the website and look into more training opportunities. Thanks. Florence Calhoun, Los Angeles, CA.(fcalhoun2003@msn.com

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