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  • 0 NP0009 Handling Today's Hidden Ethical Dilemmas в†’ NP0009, Ethics, Session 2, Ofer Zur 09.13.2011 13:33
    I really am enjoying this ethics course!
    It's so helpful to know that I'm a reluctant immigrant! Boy am I!My first assumption about the computer is always, I can't do this myself.
    I finally joined facebook to see pictures of my grandson. My very part-time assistant, under 30, helped me create a facebook page that has virtually nothing on it. I thought about it and agreed to be friends with a teenage client to better understand her and her world. She initiated the request. I need to learn to get beyond her wall of pictures of family and friends, or maybe that's all there is on her page.I certainly did not leave any messages.
    A 6th grader was eager to show me how computer animation and other videos that he made at computer camp. It was much more fun to have him guide me through it with stories than to watch it on my own.
    A teenage girl periodically shows me lots of pictures on her iphone during sessions, and she's taken me to youtube to silly videos she's posted.Again, it's on "company time" and interactive.
    What are others' experiences, especially with teenagers?
    FL, LICSW, Massachusetts

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