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  • 0 NP0019 Parenting Skills: All You Need to Help Families Today в†’ Reclaiming Parental Authority with Ron Taffel 05.02.2012 15:11
    Absolutely. I think perhaps we should remind ourselves that we're perhaps talking about a certain group of kids/parents and it is questionable that they are black/hispanic or from some other sub culture. This is great stuff relating to suburban/urban upwardly mobile (one prays) family groups. Being from one myself, I am grateful. But there sure are others that face issues of power and abuse and poverty/want which present definitely different dynamics between children and their parents.

    I would only add that the Hyde School in Bath, ME operates its entire program around authentic parental values (principles) as the core of reclaiming or creating effective parental authority. I would recommend any books by Joe Gault as reflecting a schools take on what Dr.. Taffel described so well in his own experience. Well worth the time, Guys. Thank you so much.

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