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  • -0.1 P004 New Perspectives on Practice: The Great Attachment Debate в†’ P004, Attachment, Session 2, Jerome Kagan 04.12.2011 13:20
    Thanks for a great discussion. As a therapist--and also as a parent of young twins with two very different four year old daughters--I have found both sessions so far quite interesting. I have to believe that Dr. Kagan is correct in saying that some kids are just naturally easier to form a bond with. They are more easily calmed and thus yield a particular style of engaging.

    At the same time, I do think it is still possible that the repetitions of the struggles with a more difficult child do have a lasting impact on how that child sees the world and maybe cause different senses of security (and would measure up differently in their attachment style). Perhaps some parents would more easily handle their labile child, whereas another might repeatedly struggle and get frustrated. When a child is observing these differences within a family (say, comparing herself to her twin sister), I could imagine that it is as signficant as class and historical context in shaping who that child is. Maybe I'm saying that, at least in our culture, we form identifications with our attachment style and that this is signficant.

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