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  • 0 NP0017 Handling Today's Hidden Ethical DilemmasNP0017, Ethics, Session 2, Ofer Zur 03.10.2012 12:37
    Dr Zur,

    I was waiting for you to answer the most basic question for me: is it ethical for me to be licensed on one jurisdiction and do online (skype/ichat/other video) therapy with clients throughout the country? I read some information on your website which indicates if the state hasn't addressed teletherapy then you are unlikely to get sued. While that's great and I know things continually change, am I ethical to do it now? Where must I be licensed. Most of my clients are in DC and I now am moving to CA which is not friendly re: reciprocity of mft licensure. I may take your class on doing this well, but need to know this basic answer. Thank you so much!
  • 0 NP0017 Handling Today's Hidden Ethical DilemmasNP0017, Ethics, Session 1, Mary Jo Barrett 03.08.2012 18:08
    One of the things I got out of this was how MJ handles things in a way that is considered versus standards for ethics in those situations presented. While I do some things similarly and some things not, I feel it's important for us to continually have a discussion of when we are nearing or crossing a line. I am sure she could have addressed that, from her perspective, but what about when we disagree on those matters. Those of us with advanced degrees and years and decades of experience - well who is right? Where can we collaborate and agree? What do we do when we don't?

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