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  • 0 NP007 The Road to Clinical Excellence в†’ NP007, Excellence, Session 1, Scott Miller 07.19.2011 17:05
    Thank you, Kevin, and Scott, for highlighting what our perfection-seeking culture makes so difficult to engage in -- talking about our struggles, particularly, for me, when they may seem basic. It was like fresh air to see that in writing, Kevin. Me too. I can be quite self critical when alone and quite able to discuss difficulties with a complicated "case", but it would help me and my colleagues (I work in a school system) if I could allow myself the room to still be a "beginner", a learner who will inevitably sometimes make the obvious mistakes. I think that when we do blunder something we think we should have mastered long ago, it's MOST instructive, but those are the times I find it hardest to talk about with people I want to respect me. I'm thinking of the phrase "beginner's mind", from Zen and Yoga practice, a good way to live, a good way to look at practice. The simple, basic "messup" I didn't want to admit has more often than not led (when I'd finally deal with it) to clearing up a critical blind spot, often led to a break through. I think that's because the basic stuff is the big stuff, not the easy stuff. I wish I could integrate that concept into my work as easily as I can type it! But those old messages we got as kids die hard. A good place for me to "lean in". Thanks again for the inspiration. I'm excited to explore some of the resources suggested.

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