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  • 0 NP0021 The 6 Most Challenging Issues in TherapyTreating the Narcissistic Client with Wendy Behary 07.09.2012 15:27
    Absolutely another "wow!" I am working with two clients right now, both male, who fit this profile and I am ready to begin to change my approach towards focusing on what's happening in the room. I find it particularly powerful to think about my own triggers and subsequent response patterns with narcissists (freeze, flee, or appease).
    Dr. Behary, if you are still reading the blog, 3 questions: 1) Does this type of narcissism present the same way in women? 2) What do you think of Gregory Lester's (presenter on personality disorders) description of folks with PD's as missing "fundamental pieces of personality architecture"? His take is that while a narcissist can learn some new behaviors, including empathy, accountability, and access to feelings, it will be limited due to experiences that were never wired in early enough. 3) Steven Carter and Julie Sokol, in their book "Help! I'm in love with a Narcissist" describe a different presentation called the "Wounded Narcissist". In this case, the client appears very emotional, tearful, desirous of help, insightful, and needy but is still just as self-absorbed, mistrustful, and unable to give. Do you see this as a type of narcissism? THANK YOU!!
  • 0 NP0021 The 6 Most Challenging Issues in TherapyCustomizing Mental Health Treatment with John Norcross 07.02.2012 18:25
    I echo some of Lynda's thoughts. Over the years I've gotten a lot more direct about asking these kinds of questions and working to determine best fit. But I've always felt a bit like I was going against my original training when I shift gears into coaching, religion, etc. (after determining with the client that that's what they're looking for). Thanks to John and those he works with for validation and "permission"!
  • 0 NP0021 The 6 Most Challenging Issues in TherapyWhen Therapy Stalls with William Doherty 06.25.2012 15:51
    Thanks so much for this enlightening hour! I've been feeling boggged down with several clients for a while who are in the first form (pleasant hour but nothing's happening)and this gives me both a road map and a way to not project my own concerns or inadequacies.
  • 0 NP0021 The 6 Most Challenging Issues in TherapyWhen Therapy Stalls with William Doherty 06.23.2012 14:36
    How did you all find this to listen to? I'm registered but can't find it!!

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