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  • 0 P002 New Perspectives: Ethical Standards for the 21st Century Practitioner в†’ New Perspectives on Ethics, Clifton Mitchell, Session 3: Comment Board 03.31.2011 19:48
    I enjoyed this session and as a previous person stated, I found it reinforcing in my practice. However, I was aware of one segment that was inaccurate, at least as it pertains to the state of Delaware. Dr. Mitchell explained that sexual abuse/sexual assault of a minor does not constitute child abuse as legal defined in most states and therefore, does not require a report. I do not expect Dr. Mitchell to know the ins and outs of every state law but since he did indicate that several states do include sexual assault as mandated reporting, I want to note that Delaware was omitted. "Sexual abuse of a child" (by anyone, regardless of age, be it an adult, another minor/peer, etc.) is defined as child abuse and requires a child abuse report in Delaware. The Delaware Attorney General's office has been emphatically emphasizing this with providers and the public. Delaware's law does not single out providers as mandated reporters either; all citizens are assigned this responsibility, although I know nothing of consequences for the general public of not abiding by this requirement. Thanks for another great and relevant session.

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