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  • 0 NP0020 Men in Therapy: What Clinicians Need to KnowDefusing Male Shame with David Wexler 06.19.2012 13:10
    Thank you for your insights. I am working with a man in couples therapy who appears to have a hypersexual disorder. He is on edge and although he and his wife appear to love each other, his constant need for sexual gratification with her is wearing her down. I've shared my concerns and observations, including referral to a psychiatrist for a medication eval, joining a sex addict group to learn what other men have in common. Of course, the woman's traumatic history with a "thug" as she describes him who sexually assaulted her and flew into rages rages is also being triggered. The man hasn't come back into treatment for several weeks, ostensibly because he is working out of town. Any suggestions about how to work with this type of man regarding shame and connection for the well-being of their marriage?
  • 0 NP0020 Men in Therapy: What Clinicians Need to KnowMale-Friendly Psychotherapy 06.05.2012 13:06
    Excellent presentation. I so appreciate the vitality, here-and-now focus, psychoeducation of gender science, role modeling and attunement that Pat Love provides in her collaborative work. I will visit her website.
  • -0.1 NP006 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowNP006, Couples, 3, Harville Hendrix 06.23.2011 13:17
    I appreciated the emphasis on structure in the session, and I also saw similiarities in the Control Mastery Theory -- a relational, cognitive, psychodynamic theory -- researched and validated by the San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group. I just moved from the SF Bay Area to Bend, Oregon, and I have received my reciprocity licensure. I'm excited to begin working, and will incoporate some of the Imago Theory to be sure. Thanks.
    Colleen Russell,LMFT, CGP
    Bend, Oregon
  • 0 NP006 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowNP006, Couples, Session 2, Terry Real 06.16.2011 13:13
    Terry's presentation underscored for me the need to educate and teach positive, workable skills to partners, allign with the shame, meek partner, clarify and bring to awareness the dominant/grandiose partner's destructiveness of what both want and need in their relationship. The first session is about two hours long, I understand. What is the length of the other sessions?
  • 0 P003 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowCouples Therapy Today & Tomorrow, Session 1 with Bill Doherty: Comment Board 06.09.2011 13:08
    I greatly appreciated this presentation. After 20 years of practicing I felt validated with much of my work -- interrupting negative communication (interrupting each other, pathologizing) and asking the other partner for his/her response. It is also important, of course, to see the couple interacting in the session as they do outside and Bill gave specific responses in the early phases of management. Regarding family of origin issues, at what point does Bill bring them up? My understanding is that insight and change of patterns help in each person finding a more positive outcome (corrective emotional experience) in their current relationship than in the past. Thanks so much.

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