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  • 0 P003 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowCouples Therapy, Session 5, Michele Weiner-Davis: Comment Board 03.10.2011 07:13
    Refreshing, candid, honest, helpful. I love that you said this wasn't evidence-based but hunch-based. It adds to things that I do that work and helps to keep me focused on solutions. Thank you.
  • 0 P003 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowCouples Therapy, Session 2, Terry Real: Comment Board 02.17.2011 07:14
    Looking at liz colten's comment, Alan Jenkins comes to mind, Invitations to Responsibility, perhaps joining with the couple around what is restraining them from seeing that their relationship is hurting their children, perhaps the couple is blatant and the kids are latent in this case.

    Anyway I loved Terry's presentation: funny, confirming, in a lot of ways modeled the "functional adult". I've been doing couples therapy for years and have struggled with the shame I feel whenever I supported the woman "against" the man. I have gradually learned a more nuanced approach to address the grandiosity and found in Terry's work the "royal road" which I have been laboring to find as I hack my way through the undergrowth. Thanks. Carlton Brown, Hamilton Ontario
  • 0 P003 Couples Therapy: Today and TomorrowCouples Therapy Today & Tomorrow, Session 1 with Bill Doherty: Comment Board 02.10.2011 07:10
    I would like to comment on the value of the process of presentation of this webinar - it was different than previous webinars and that was helpful for me, it stretched me to adapt to the new presentation, with the Flash Player and the realization that I could start and pause when I wanted to. Good show. The movie clip was hilarious! I have admired Bill's work for a long time and it was great to have an hour with him here to go back to the basics. I've been practising and now even supervising for a long time and lately have been having trouble holding my couples and helping them. I realized that I have been neglecting to control the process, to block interruptions, stop mind reading and most especially I have been neglecting to summarize and comment at the end of the session in a way that gives my couples a sense of hope and that someone is in control and helping them. Thank you for reminding me of my responsibility as a couples therapist. Carlton Brown, Hamilton, Ontario.
  • 0 P001 New Perspectives on Trauma TreatmentDonald Meichenbaum Comment Board: New Perspectives on Trauma Treatment 11.17.2010 07:26
    Thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Meichenbaum. He made the whole course worthwhile. I agree with his common factors assessment and I howled out loud when he said that CBT helps to prevent depression in psychotherapists! Thank you for booking him. Do please bring him back next year.

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