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  • 0 NP0020 Men in Therapy: What Clinicians Need to KnowMen and Sexuality: Challenging the Myths with Esther Perel 06.13.2012 03:55
    I love these Webcasts but I was astonished at Simon's continuous questions related to... What does this REALLY mean? and What's really happening for the client here? and At the session's end what's the client REALLY getting out of this; and We need to slow down and try to understand this, etc., etc. What's not to understand?!! Perel's answers were consistently clear and I think profoundly important. I don't understand Simon's questions.
    I have always known that my growth in life - both positive and negative- has been clearly represented by and expressed in my sexual experience, and my personal therapy has been enriched by my developing understanding of my sexuality and how my sexuality speaks volumes about how I have lived my life's failures and successes. Granted, I have a lot of Psych training and experience but it is abundantly clear to me that Perel's clients can learn just as much and more as I have learned through the deeper understanding of their sexual experience. And I had to learn it without the elegant support of an Esther Perel. You truly do "Get it" Esther and you are an inspiration. Thank you both for this important presentation.
    Al Bright
  • 0 NP0020 Men in Therapy: What Clinicians Need to KnowMale-Friendly Psychotherapy with Pat Love 06.08.2012 00:13
    I knew it!! This estrogen dominant male therapist now has an "official" classification other than "rather unusual"; "strange" and/or "very different".
    Thank you Pat for encouraging me to go back into practice and maybe specializing in men's issues.

    Al Bright
  • 0 P005 New Perspectives on Practice: Diets and Our DemonsP005, Diets, Session 4, Geneen Roth 05.19.2011 13:19
    Sorry - I must have missed how to get credit for the CE hours. Pls advise. Great final session ... great series. I'll join other offerings for sure.

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