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  • 0 NP0025: Treating Anxiety: Latest Advances в†’ Interrupting the Anxiety Cycle with Danie Beaulieu 10.08.2012 07:55
    Great presentation. I was inspired today with a social anxious client. Shame keeps him out of town, we negotiated how he would be able to get himself to go to town. Having the multi-sensory impact in mind, we role-played possible encounters (got out of my chair). As a required 'asset' my client mentioned 'rebelliousness'. As he used to be a cameraman I wondered if some picture of himself could help him to remind him of his rebelliousness. He didn't hesitate to pick his smartphone from his pocket and ask me to make a picture of him showing his middle finger! He thought the picture captured his mood very well and I had to agree. He'd use this to remind himself if he got weak in the knees and left the room with a grin from ear to ear. It was great fun and I am now thinking to practice covering three sensory modes in one session more often.

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