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  • 0 NP0016 The Great Attachment DebateNP0016, Attachment, Session 3, Dan Siegel 04.03.2012 13:22
    I found this lecture the most relevant of the series thus far! I appreciated Dr. Siegel's ability to lay out the neuro-bio framework and then apply it to a hypothetical case- proving that for therapists, the integrated understanding of science and practice makes enormous senses. I had one question that has not been addressed by any of the presenters, and that is the concept of ongoing attachment in childhood. It would appear to me from my own experiences,and those that I observe in my work, that the notion of the attachment period should be expanded beyond the earliest ones of life. Certainly attachment experiences during the early years (perhaps 0-6) might be examined- I think that the traditional focus on the mother /baby may be too narrow. I think that theoretically including more caregivers, and experiences (day care and multiple caretakers) might be accurate and helpful in our current culture. What are your thoughts, and thank you for this wonderful hour! Beryl Ann Cowan, J.D.,Ph.D.
  • -0.1 NP0016 The Great Attachment DebateNP0016, Attachment, Session 1, Alan Sroufe 03.20.2012 13:17
    I would like to know more about the role of culture from both a theoretical and practical point of view. Many cultures have very different ideas about how infants should be attended and responded to. How would Bowlby incorporate culture into the model in real terms.
    Also, I think that it would be helpful to weave the theoretical discussion into an applied model. I would like to have more discussion about tying theory to clinical work, with examples of work with children, teen and adults.

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