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  • 0 P002 New Perspectives: Ethical Standards for the 21st Century Practitioner в†’ New Perspectives on Ethics, Session 1: Comment Board 01.18.2011 22:41
    Art Rural Iowa/Tampa Florida

    The therapeutic path is strewn with boulders of self-deception and potholes of mutual seduction. Successful navigation depends upon the wisdom of the participants in knowing and ascertaining the difference between therapy and manipulation and the ability to inter-act accordingly. Staying within Mary Jo's sports metaphor, were I to engage my patients in so prolonged a preliminary setting of "protective" ground rules as her discussion suggests (protective of whom?), I expect many would flee the playing field in search of a cold/warm shower before the game commenced. But what do I know? I'm just an old Freudian, field-theorist fart.

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