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  • 0 NETWORKER EXCHANGEPanicking On Purpose 09.12.2012 13:13
    Why settle for "controlling" a panic attack or any of the various anxiety disorders? I'm convinced that they're caused by traumatic events. Crying in a therapeutic way for just a few minutes - or on occasion even less - can make them go away forever. See my article on therapeutic crying in the May/June 2012 issue.
  • 0 NETWORKER EXCHANGENo Emotion Allowed Here—Therapist at Work! 07.01.2012 11:10
    Jeffrey Von Glahn, Ph.D.
    It’s certainly welcome news that emotion is once again a respectable topic. However, the idea of “emotional release” – or dare I even say “catharsis” – as having any value in itself remains as taboo of a topic as ever. The current manifestation of this attitude is the suffocating fear of “re-traumatization,” which says that a client is being “re-hurt” if he seems “too upset.” A testable definition of re-traumatization does not exist. Hence, even in this era of evidence-based research there’s no study that shows that a client is being “re-hurt.” Neuroscientists, unfortunately, are only compounding the problem. They are just as guilty of urging the therapist to not let a client’s emotional experiencing get too intense. For a fundamental re-conceptualization of catharsis and of the value of what I call therapeutic crying, see my article in the May/June issue.
  • 0 NETWORKER EXCHANGEPsychotherapy as Craft 06.25.2012 11:51
    Where can we find the article by Judith Herman?

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