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  • 0 NP0008 The Great Attachment Debate в†’ NP0008, Attachment, Session 4, David Schnarch 09.01.2011 23:16
    A lens that I find helpful in understanding some of the differences here - not just theoretical, but practical - is that of personality type or style. Through the lens of the Enneagram, for instance, David comes across as a Challenger or Protector, an 8. This is not the dominant style in psychotherapy, but can be very useful with certain clients. It won't work for every therapist.

    Thereis an echo here of some of the classical work in the field of family therapy and communication, such as that of Paul Watzlawick. "We cannot not communicate," and focus on growth, not healing. . . Something old, something new!

    I appreciate Christine Walker's comments, in terms of clarifying and correcting some of the assumptions about attachment-based therapy. Growth and transformation, I believe, require a skillful balancing of BOTH support and challenge, as is described in the work of Harvard developmental psychologist, Robert Kegan.
    This is a rich and fascinating dialogue! Thank you.

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