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  • -0.1 Symposium 2012Daniel Siegel’s Keynote Address 03.26.2012 11:24
    In education, rather than "show it, don't tell it," we refer to Dan Siegel's Sunday keynote strategy as "guide on the side, not sage on the stage." The mirrored wisdom of these two statements is just another example of the inherent truths Dan spoke of, which span across disciplines and cultures.

    In his keynote speech, Dan proposed his definition of the mind, and the importance of integration of the mind. He later elaborated on and explained the scientific rationale behind these ideas in his workshop of the day, or as he called it, the keynote "after party."

    I changed my workshop to get into Dan's, because I NEEDED to hear more about integration and the mind after his keynote.

    I empathize with the Sunday workshop presenters; the attendance of whose workshops were likely stifled under the tsunami like wave of curiosity, wonder, and suspense following Dan's keynote.

    Dans keynote and workshop were the perfect capstone on a symposium which 'integrated' old wisdom with new therapies, and encouraged integration of the mind and body, as Richard Gonzalez and Andrew Weil expressed, but also of our connection to each other and our planet, in harmony with the words of Mary Pipher.

    Looking forward to the joys, wonders, and enlightenment which assuredly await us at the 2013 symposium!
  • 0 Symposium 2012What’s the Highpoint of the Symposium? 03.25.2012 06:56
    Linda Graham's workshop on Thursday was 'chock full o moments.' After every exercise we did I thought, "ok. That was the peak. It's going to be boring or at least dry from here on in," but I was surprised with every new exercise at how effective and cathartic they were. That was Thursday.

    So, of course Friday I figured, "Ok, that was creativity day. NOW its going to get dry and dense." Again, I was surprised.

    Surprise has been the defining term for my experience at this conference. It's unlike any professional development I have ever experienced. Every workshop I have been to has been enlightening and humorous. Even in workshops where they talk about deep trauma, the speakers have used the utmost care while making us feel grounded and resourced and even found a way to encorporate laughter at the right times.

    As we enter the final day of the Symposium, I can't help but feel a little sad that its coming to a close. It will surely take me a few months to process all the information I've learned, and much longer to integrate, but every day of the conference is full of laughter, insight, and and even awe.

    ...Only 361 days left to go until next year.
  • 0 Symposium 2012Andrew Weil’s Keynote Address 03.23.2012 18:58
    It was so inspiring hearing doctor Weil speak about integrative medicine. I was a little disappointed that he didn't mention the finer points, like how you have to be very careful about mercury levels in fish oils. He said that the more you have the better, but that's a little dangerous. I guess he didn't have time to mention all the details. I was also disappointed that he didn't let the networker record his talk.

    That aside, he is an inspiration and an inovator that we all owe gratitude (and realizing that gratitude can be healing for us as well

    I definitely agree with his statement that "we aren't supposed to be happy all the time." I think its a truth that we all know, but were seduced into forgetting by big pharma and other industries.
  • 0 Symposium 2012Welcome to the Symposium! 03.23.2012 07:12
    What a great way to start off the symposium. Richard Gonzalez's performance was a great primer for a day of creativity, music, and mindfullness.What I liked most was the fact that the dance accompaniment was inclusive of everyone regardless of mobility, or in my case rhythm.

    Looking forward to Andrew Weil's keynote today.
  • 0 Symposium 2012Student Scholarship Opportunities 03.22.2012 11:41
    I am here for the first time on student scholarship. I am so grateful to be here. The Linda Graham workshop on neuroscience and the art of self care (111) is an open workshop and well worth attending. She explains various neural happenings behind positive psychology.

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