Daniel Siegel’s Keynote Address


Does Understanding the Brain Make Us Wiser?

This morning’s keynote with Daniel Siegel, one of the leaders in integrating brain science with psychotherapy, was a fabulous way to end a weekend full of thinking about wisdom and its applications in the field of psychotherapy and in the larger world. He began his talk by talking about how, when he first began working in the field, there wasn’t a solid definition of the mind.

“I felt like a fraud when I first started practicing psychotherapy,” Siegel said, “No one had defined the psyche, and I was supposed to be a psychotherapist!”

Most of the address, though, was a demonstration of his ideas about the mind, in which he led us on a meditative journey focusing on our ability to control and focus our attention and awareness. Although I know he could’ve talked to us about his ideas the entire time, it was akin to the idea of “show, not tell” in writing; it’s more interesting and easier to understand when it’s shown to the audience instead of merely narrated.

When concluding the address, he said, “Wisdom comes from inside of you…this is an invitation to develop that wisdom, not just for you, but for everyone you work with.”

If you were able to stay and participate in Daniel Siegel’s keynote this morning, what did you think? What did the meditation mean to you, particularly as the conclusion of a weekend full of sensory experiences and learning? We want to hear what you think.

03.25.2012   Posted In: Symposium 2012   By Jordan Magaziner
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  • -0.1 avatar Zachary Alti 03.26.2012 11:24
    In education, rather than "show it, don't tell it," we refer to Dan Siegel's Sunday keynote strategy as "guide on the side, not sage on the stage." The mirrored wisdom of these two statements is just another example of the inherent truths Dan spoke of, which span across disciplines and cultures.

    In his keynote speech, Dan proposed his definition of the mind, and the importance of integration of the mind. He later elaborated on and explained the scientific rationale behind these ideas in his workshop of the day, or as he called it, the keynote "after party."

    I changed my workshop to get into Dan's, because I NEEDED to hear more about integration and the mind after his keynote.

    I empathize with the Sunday workshop presenters; the attendance of whose workshops were likely stifled under the tsunami like wave of curiosity, wonder, and suspense following Dan's keynote.

    Dans keynote and workshop were the perfect capstone on a symposium which 'integrated' old wisdom with new therapies, and encouraged integration of the mind and body, as Richard Gonzalez and Andrew Weil expressed, but also of our connection to each other and our planet, in harmony with the words of Mary Pipher.

    Looking forward to the joys, wonders, and enlightenment which assuredly await us at the 2013 symposium!
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