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Pat Ogden’s Luncheon Address


Body Wisdom, Lost and Found

Today’s luncheon address featuring Pat Ogden, a clinical leader on the forefront of incorporating bodywork into therapy, was fabulous. Throughout her address, she used video demonstrations to reflect her insights about integrating mind/body into therapy, which made everything she was saying feel both so present and so vivid. She also had us “try on” different gestures and postures to see how they feel.

In these days when everything tends to be so fast moving, it was interesting and nice to take some time to think about eye contact and nonverbal communication and how it influences how we think and feel as well as how others react to us.

If you were able to attend today’s luncheon event, what did you think? Do you use any mind/body approaches in your work? What was most interesting or relevant to your personal or professional life?

03.24.2012   Posted In: Symposium 2012   By Jordan Magaziner

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