Scott Miller’s Luncheon Address


Charting Your Path to Clinical Excellence

After hearing from Scott Miller, a pioneer in integrating the science of expertise with the realities of clinical practice, in our recent webcast series on excellence and an issue on the same topic last year, I was really looking forward to seeing and hearing from him in person. His research on what makes a top performer—and how to apply these lessons to gain mastery in the field of psychotherapy—is so intriguing. But seeing him in person today was really a treat.

He explained the research on where therapists are as a field—with about 80 percent effectiveness, pretty good!—but how, despite gaining thousands of books, studies, and expanded treatments, the field hasn’t gotten any better.

“In the ‘Tour de Treatment,’ we’re pedaling on a stationary bike!” Miller said, “We deserve to get better at what we do….”

He discussed the mythical “supershrinks” (those clinicians who seem, as if they have superpowers, to be much better than average) and how every individual should strive to achieve excellence by examining our mistakes, learning from others’ successes, and applying these insights into practice.

If you were able to attend Scott Miller’s lively luncheon address, what did you think? What struck you the most?

03.23.2012   Posted In: Symposium 2012   By Jordan Magaziner
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  • Not available avatar matilda a petty 03.24.2012 11:03
    His discussion of the research supported my understanding that to achieve clinical excellence the therapist needs to evaluate himself as he performs his skills working in the therapeutic setting with individuals and families .
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