Welcome to the Symposium!


The Creativity Day Kickoff

Welcome to Symposium 2012! Here in Washington, DC, spring has arrived just in time for the annual Symposium, and it all feels just right: the cherry blossoms are thriving outside, and the spirit and energy inside the Omni Shoreham is already palpable as everyone is beginning to arrive.

Of course, I think many (myself included) were a little bit bleary-eyed as we greeted each other sleepily among the coffee and Danish at this early hour, some after arduous travels to get here in the first place. But as usual, Richard Gonzalez’s invigorating Creativity Day Kickoff was even better than caffeine to wake us up and get us excited about the day ahead and the conference in its entirety.

Although I knew what to expect in general from this welcoming event, it didn’t cease to astonish me, once again, how good it felt to get up from our seats and dance and move altogether—especially on a Thursday morning, when I’d usually be sitting in my desk at my office, working and sipping coffee. It made me feel like, yes, the Symposium has begun! And this is the start of an entirely different kind of day.

If you were able to participate, how did this Welcoming Event make you feel? Whether it’s your first time attending or your 35th, we want to know what you think about this first part of the conference and as we move through the conference experience together.

The Symposium promises to be very full of activity, learning, inspiration, and fun. Please just take a few minutes to let us know what you’re thinking and experiencing, here on the blog, on Facebook, or on Twitter, and just check out our Symposium Live page so you can constantly stay updated with what’s going on at the conference as it happens. We want to hear from you so we can all share our different experiences.

03.22.2012   Posted In: Symposium 2012   By Jordan Magaziner
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  • 0 avatar Zachary Alti 03.23.2012 07:12
    What a great way to start off the symposium. Richard Gonzalez's performance was a great primer for a day of creativity, music, and mindfullness.What I liked most was the fact that the dance accompaniment was inclusive of everyone regardless of mobility, or in my case rhythm.

    Looking forward to Andrew Weil's keynote today.
  • 0 avatar Megane Bradly 06.23.2017 07:37
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  • 0 avatar Rollins Jack 09.18.2017 01:41
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