Can You Afford Not to Attend Symposium 2012?


We’re less than 2 weeks away from Symposium 2012 and in the frenzy of last-minute conference planning—honing my introductory speeches, rehearsing my Opening Night song and dance, checking and double-checking to-do lists, and more.
But it’s also our 35th anniversary and there’s something about anniversaries that make most of  us stop and take a long look back and gain a sense of perspective on what, exactly, we’ve been doing all these years.

Looking back over all those meetings, I’m feeling grateful not only that the Symposium has survived all the social and economic tumult of these past three decades, but has continued to thrive and grow. How remarkable that, in spite of all the technical innovations that have transformed our lives and the very way we think about ourselves, there remains nothing like a face-to-face tribal gathering to energize and inspire us and offer us an opportunity to absorb the collective wisdom of our profession.

Just as the Symposium has weathered various storms over these years, most practitioners have done the same in their own practices. And this year’s Symposium will not only provide you with a vast amount of opportunities to enhance your clinical skills, but you’ll also have the chance to learn about how to make sure your  practice prospers in these fast-moving times:

Join savvy business coaches Lynn Grodzki and Joe Bavonese in “Mastermind Your Future,” an all-day workshop intended to help you expand your practice and attract new clients. Explore the “Therapy Practice of Tomorrow,” with Casey Truffo to discover how to grow your practice by implementing new therapy-delivery approaches like chat, email, Skype, or online platforms. Telehealth pioneer Marlene Maheu will show you “How Therapists Can Thrive Online,” or you can join Olivia Mellan and Mrim Boutla for “Managing Our Minds While Managing Our Money.”

Whatever workshops you choose, the Symposium will provide a community learning experience you won’t find anywhere else that will broaden your perspective and enhance your creativity. It’s an experience you can't afford to miss. Register for Symposium 2012 now.

03.09.2012   Posted In: Symposium 2012   By Rich Simon
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