What’s Hot in Psychotherapy Today: The Symposium Top 5


Curious about the presenters and approaches attracting the most attention at this year’s Symposium? Here’s your chance to find out. In addition, with the early registration deadline just around the corner (February 6th), now’s a good time to consider workshop choices. You can peruse the Symposium program a number of easy ways—online, via our digital brochure, or in print—but we wanted to let you know about the workshops people seem most excited about so far. In reverse order, the 5 top workshops to date are:

5. A Dialogue on Infidelity – Hear two iconoclastic and outspoken therapists, Terry Real and Esther Perel, challenge esther_perel-105some of the conventional wisdom about infidelity, including the idea that it’s always a symptom of a troubled relationship, that therapists should always insist on full disclosure, and that infidelity must be a traumatic event.

4. Ethics Can Be Fun and The Ethical Dilemmas No One Talks About–Mary Jo Barrett and Clifton Mitchell have both become trusted guides for clinicians trying to make their way through the maze of 21st-century ethical dilemmas at a time when so many of the straightforward and unambiguous guidelines about therapy boundaries no longer apply. With either of these presenters, you won’t find a more fun way to fulfill your CE requirements.

3. Psychopharmacology Today – With so many questions and controversies about the effectiveness of psychopharmacological interventions, there couldn’t be a better time to get the latest update on the subject. John Preston will review the latest research on SSRIs and other antidepressants, bipolar spectrum disorders, working with AD/HD and the role of psychotropic drugs in protecting and healing the brain.

2. The Body in Therapy – It’s become more and more clear that therapy is much more than a “talking cure.” Sensorimotor therapist Pat Ogden will offer an eye-opening look at the nonverbal conversation between therapist and patient that’s being communicated both consciously and unconsciously. You’ll learn about a domain of human interaction that can greatly enhance your therapeutic effectiveness.

dan_siegel-1051. Interpersonal Neurobiology – Brain science may have become part of the vocabulary of psychotherapy, but how do we actually apply this knowledge in the consulting room? Dan Siegel will teach you a systematic approach to assessing the connection between clients’ neural functioning and their presenting problem as well as how to target different parts of the brain with specific interventions.

Check out all the exciting workshop choices here, and start thinking about your top choices. Take advantage of learning from the field’s best teachers and practitioners focus on the latest innovations on the full range of clinical topics, including anxiety and depression, brain science, couples therapy, mindfulness,  trauma, and much more. Don’t forget to sign up on or before Feb. 6 for the best rate to Symposium 2012!

01.26.2012   Posted In: Symposium 2012   By Rich Simon
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  • Not available avatar Pat Huggins 02.21.2012 01:03
    I paid the entire fee for the symposium last year then illness prevented me from attending. When I asked for a refund I was told I could come this year instead of a refund. I was told this over the phone and nothing came in the mail indicating my payment. How do I go about registering for this year? All I have is a saved phone message of a woman telling me to register for 2011 sessions after she received my payment for the symposium. Could someone look up the list of those who paid last year and then tell me the steps to take for registering this year? Sincerely,
    Pat Huggins
    4609 Forest Ave. S.E.
    Mercer Island, WA 98040
    206 232 9487

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