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  • -0.1 NP0019 Parenting Skills: All You Need to Help Families Today в†’ Reclaiming Parental Authority with Ron Taffel 05.22.2012 15:53
    Hi Ron: I'm re-visiting your talk from May 2nd, as it has been the most useful, and even transformational, talk so far in this series. The notion that rules = values is so vital to convey to parents, and I was looking for a way to synthesize my efforts to link the parents' morals and values to their children. It's critical for kids to hear this from their parents because I think this shapes the way these kids grow into adulthood. A corollary to this is that children will reflect back to parents their interpretation of the messages they received from mom and dad in one of two ways: Either good values, integrity, kindness, and empathy for mom and dad and others, or poor moral values, lack of integrity, and growing up to be like Mitch McConnell, senator from Kentucky, who would yell at any kid to "get the hell off my lawn!"

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