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Donald Meichenbaum Comment Board: New Perspectives on Trauma Treatment


As the final session of our New Practices on Trauma Treatment, hear from Donald Meichenbaum, the founder of cognitive-behavioral therapy, on his perspectives about trauma treatment in psychotherapy today.

Legendary for his impressive career—and his straightforward, sharp ways of thinking and speaking—this isn’t a presentation you’ll want to miss. He’ll explain which trauma treatments are effective, or ineffective, and why he believes so.

If you’d like some background information on him, be sure to check out a Networker interview with Meichenbaum that appeared in our November/December 2010 issue here.

After listening, please take a moment to comment here and share your thoughts and experiences, both on this session and on the entire series. What did you think of Meichenbaum’s take on trauma treatments? What presentation resonated with you the most? Which ideas do you connect with least?

11.08.2010   Posted In: P001 New Perspectives on Trauma Treatment   By Psychotherapy Networker
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    • 0 avatar Carlton Brown 11.17.2010 07:26
      Thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Meichenbaum. He made the whole course worthwhile. I agree with his common factors assessment and I howled out loud when he said that CBT helps to prevent depression in psychotherapists! Thank you for booking him. Do please bring him back next year.
    • Not available avatar 11.24.2010 06:30
      It was striking that no-one seems to have commented on Don Meichenbaum's nagativity about so called energy based therapies such as EFT and TFT in the treatment of PTSD. Perhaps these approaches are not so evidence-based as CBT or even EMDR because no-one will fund what they believe to be the approaches of charlatans, as EMDR was once thought to be. It seems to me that we don't know if certain approaches are valid in the treatment of PTSD because, as Bessel van der Kolk might say, they are not thought to "exist". Would welcome discussion among the presenters.
      Pam O'Brien, LPC
      Washington, DC
    • 0 avatar lesley tran 11.28.2010 17:37
      Really appreciated Dons' down to earth client centred approach, especially acknowledging that CBT alone isnt the be all and end all.. you know the spruke! I was surprised at his attitude to energy therapy, I thought the lecture on that was fascinating and liked it's apparent safe and easy applicability. Keep all this wonderful information coming please. I also really enjoyed Laurie Leitch and Pat Ogden. I'd love to here more from them. Thank you. Lesley
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