Lynn Grodzki's Practice-Building in Hard Times


Today’s session with Lynn Grodzki was incredibly clear, practical, and insightful. Although I don’t have a private psychotherapy practice, I learned a lot of important information that would be helpful to anybody especially in these rough economic times.

Grodzki--who was in business prior to working in psychotherapy, and who now coaches thousands of therapists to make their businesses more profitable--presented a 10-step business plan for therapists.

These steps, included in her new book, Crisis-Proof your Practice: How to Survive and Thrive in an Uncertain Economy, help shift therapists into organizing and focusing their strengths, ultimately improving upon their business weaknesses so that their profit reflects their clinical excellence.

With the global economy worsening the “psychotherapy recession” as revealed in surveys, a fight-or-flight response can be elicited, Grodzki explained, and therapists can start to have “tunnel vision”. She said therapists have two options in these shaky, fearful economic times: resist or assist. Those in business can either resist change, or to survive and gain, they can assist change, and there are many ways in which to do this.

She said that this recession can actually be extremely helpful to assessing what we have, and what we need. Metaphorically, she said, it’s similar to low tide in the ocean, where you’re able to see everything that’s been buried underneath. In a good economy, she said, there are a lot of things that we don’t have to look at because we’re in a constant flow, but a crisis time, whether it’s a personal crisis or a rough economic situation, forces us to look more closely at our businesses.

Next week, make sure to check out Part 2, Marketing Within Your Comfort Zone, which Grodzki describes as a very different approach than many other business coaches because she aims for each individual to market their business in a way that’s most comfortable for them.

If you are a therapist in private practice and you didn’t get the opportunity to tune in to today’s webinar, you should consider purchasing the professional package, which includes the MP3 of the session, 1 CE hour, the presentation material and PowerPoint slides. See more information here.

This one hour of listening time could really be transformative for your business (and can earn you a CE in the meantime!). Also, you could check out her website here, which provides tons of free information like her newsletter, packed full of valuable advice for therapists.

Did you get the chance to listen in already? What did you think of these steps?

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