Afterward: Most Memorable Symposium Moment

Maybe it was grand and public - a moment of unmatched eloquence from a keynote speaker. Or maybe it was small and mundane, but unexpectedly moving - or downright hysterical. What was YOUR most memorable moment at Symposium 2010?
03.19.2010   Posted In: NETWORKER EXCHANGE   By Psychotherapy Networker
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    • 0 avatar Mia Mantello 03.30.2010 23:27
      I could not find the right category in which to place my comment. We need a new category: The MUSIC. Or how about: THE MUSIC!!! May I praise the high level of musicianship at the Symposium every year? We of course miss our pianist Franko very much; I enjoyed his playing most of the last 13 years I attended. The other musicians are always of high calibur and high energy. Having them there sets a wonderful tone for the beginning of each day. As we know, music is a heart opener, healer and energizer. Thank you so much for having music and dance be an integral part of the Symposium experience.And for anyone who did not get a chance to purchase Dana LaCroix's gorgeous CD "Faith in You" please go to CD Baby and do so. it is a beautiful collection of songs.Mia from Maine
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