Afterward: Most Useful/Valuable Thing You Learned?

Wow. What a weekend. Rich was right, it was like a festival. I had such a phenomenal time since the moment I arrived Thursday morning.
Even though the days began early and ran long, I had so much energy the whole time. Energy: that’s the word I kept writing the most throughout this whole experience, but that’s how I kept feeling. It resonated off every wall in the hotel, through every single person’s passion, excitement, and creativity.

Individuals were excited to reunite with old friends from Symposia past, to meet new friends during meals or workshops. Everyone was excited to hear a favorite presenter or to finally see in person Dan Siegel or Barbara Ehrenreich or any of the other dozens of amazing presenters we had the opportunity to hear from this weekend.

In general, I simply feel inspired. I feel refreshed. I feel like I truly learned this weekend, more than I would from reading a textbook or taking a university class. I spoke to professionals from all over the country who work in many different practices.  I feel like I heard from the very best, from the most brilliant, from the most experienced people-both onstage and offstage.

And even though I’m not a professional, I felt entirely welcomed every moment. I felt as if I was part of something much larger just because I was interested, present, and participated. I quickly felt part of this “tribal gathering” which sounded a bit goofy at first, but it felt just like that.

It would be impossible to choose just one favorite moment or just one favorite thing that I’ve learned. (Maybe the one thing I learned is that I need to come back next year!)

I feel so lucky to have had this amazing opportunity-to be here with all of you, to hear and see and do what I was able to do, and the chance to blog about it to help provide a forum for everyone to voice their own unique perspectives.

Here it is--your chance to air your thoughts. Was this the best Symposium yet? I think so… but maybe I’m a little biased!
03.19.2010   Posted In: NETWORKER EXCHANGE   By Psychotherapy Networker
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