Favorite Sunday Workshop or Learning Moment?


As lively and energetic as it can be to have many people with diverse opinions, perspectives and backgrounds participating in a workshop, my experience Sunday was different because it was such an intimately small group.

My workshop on motivational interviewing (MI) was interesting because it is a very different way to look at therapy. MI focuses on a person’s individual reasons for change rather than a therapist’s reasons for a person to change. A person’s individualized motivations then lead the rest of the therapy.

Every workshop I’ve attended has far exceeded my expectations. I’ve learned so much from every presenter as well as every person in the room.

What were some highlights of Sunday workshops for you?

03.19.2010   Posted In: NETWORKER EXCHANGE   By Psychotherapy Networker
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    • 0 avatar Mark Bottinick 03.28.2010 15:39
      I was blown away by "Brainspotting: A Neurophysiological Tool for Quickly Processing Trauma," by David Grand. Like EMDR, it involves the eyes, but one finds fixed points instead of eye movements to help facilitate healing. I can't wait to try the techniques and want to take the training. The demos were really impressive.
    • 0 avatar Julie Smith 03.30.2010 07:14
      Wendy Behary's incredibly comprehensive workshop on Schema Therapy was a true highlight. It definitely places on my Top 3 list for all the years I've attended the Networker Symposium. I only wish more attendees would have taken advantage of this wonderful workshop offering. This is an incredibly useful model for chronically distressed patients that represents a wonderful and thoughtful integration of cognitive-behavioral, experiential, and relational approaches. Wendy Behary is an engaging and skilled presenter. Her video clips and handouts perfectly complemented her presentation of information. There was a nice balance of teaching and opportunities for questions. I am very motivated to sign up for additional schema therapy trainings after attending this workshop.
    • 0 avatar Petrina Yemane 04.02.2010 16:55
      I absolutely loved Noel Larson's class on Personality Disorders. She educated the attendees on misconceptions and equipped us for the best ethical, helpful and effective ways of treatment. She was funny and had great illustrations for understanding the material. I can't wait until her book comes out. I am so much more interested in the psychotherapy approach as a result of the class.
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