Tara Brach's Sunday Morning Keynote

I can see why Tara Brach was chosen to lead us on the last leg of our Symposium experience. Her presentation about awareness and opening our hearts was very thought-provoking. Even her voice is soothing and even, as if she is perpetually leading meditation.
“It is so easy to spend our lives in a trance of unworthiness,” she said, explaining that it is trance-like because we monitor ourselves; there is a gap between how we think we should be and how we are, which affects our relationships.

Brach explained that we all have a fear of imperfection based on our need for approval, from others or from ourselves. She said that the need to achieve is a false refuge, and the deepest false refuse is judgment.

“How many moments are sacrificed because you’re at war with yourself?’ she asked.

Brach taught us a technique-to recognize and allow-to help us become conscious of ourselves and each other, and to remember our capacity to see what goodness is present.

Her address was very calming and inspiring. It seems many people in the audience already invite meditation into their daily activities, so these ideas were not new. But I think everybody appreciated her ability to explain her methods, provide examples and quotes from figures like Buddha, and to make us laugh too.

Because it’s the last day, not as many people were able to make the speech today—were you there? What did you think?

03.19.2010   Posted In: NETWORKER EXCHANGE   By Psychotherapy Networker
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