Jerome Kagan's Saturday Lunchtime Address


My mind is reeling after Dr. Jerome Kagan's lunch presentation: "Human Nature and the Possibility of Change."

People are wired from birth to have certain dispositions, but are we condemned to these traits?  Kagan said, "Science is at an early age for understanding temperament," and that there is an extremely large number of possible temperaments.

"I urge you to not think of abstract states like anxiety, rather, that a person might be anxious of meeting strangers," he said regarding specific symptoms. "Let me remind you that physicians do not have a category called 'general sickness'!"

This scientific understanding may be young, but Dr. Kagan's research and ideas help explain many links between temperament and human behavior.

If you also attended his presentation, what are your thoughts?

03.19.2010   Posted In: NETWORKER EXCHANGE   By Psychotherapy Networker
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    • Not available avatar Lisa 03.29.2010 11:26
      Overall, Kagan’s lecture was so logical that it was eye-opening. As progress is made, the simplistic idea of looking at the “whole picture” becomes obfuscated by scientific advancement and progressive treatment options. Thanks, Dr. Kagan for sharing your incredible insight! Read more about our reaction to his address here.
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