Ron Taffel's Friday Lunch Address


What an amazing, moving presentation. Right from the start, those video clips were powerful. For me, the first news and movie clips were depicting events and time periods that I've only learned about - they happened before I was born.

But once I started to recognize the faces and events on the screen (Kids, Ellen, September 11th...) I began to "see" my generation and even my self coming in through Ron's narration. A particularly moving thought for me was that, while today's teens are the most challenging to work with in certain ways, they are also the most philanthropic. I see this to be true of my peers and the teenagers in my life.

Lastly, Ron's sentiment that, as therapists, we need to come together and share our wisdom and move forward TOGETHER, rather than further segmenting and segmenting... that rings so true for me, too. I found myself nodding in agreement. And yes - thanks Ron! - here at the Networker we ARE trying to be "the container" - the "town square" of psychotherapy - in order to support this sense of community and deepen our collective clinical mastery. Fabulous Ron - we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

What did you think? Were you as moved as I was?


03.19.2010   Posted In: NETWORKER EXCHANGE   By Psychotherapy Networker
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    • 0 avatar Anna Bowman 03.27.2010 17:38
      Yes, the images were powerful! And Ron Taffel, as usual captures the family so well. I remember when we had to sit up straight, napkin in the lap, elbows off the table, and your hair had to be tied back while at the table. And no my own children (nor the families I work with) have anything near that scene today.

      The Networker has done an excellent job over the years of providing the support for the therapist family tribe. Thanks and thanks for staying up to date with the addition of the web2.0 tools. aloha
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