Best Friday Workshop or Learning Moment?

When Dan Siegel’s kids were teenagers, and they would whine, “I’m bored” as teens are apt to do, he would respond, “Why don’t you try a new firing pattern?”

It’s not that we don’t use most of our brains, he explained during his joint workshop with Natalie Goldberg, it’s that we don’t use many of our neuron firing patterns.
“Creativity is the birthright of every human being,” Siegel told us, “We have a weird idea that creativity is only for famous people.”

My Friday workshop, “The Art and Science of Creativity” involved a writer and a scientist coming together to discuss forms of creativity and to fuel inspiration.

Goldberg said that to be creative, we must quiet our “monkey brain”-the critic that exists inside all of us.

Comment below to tell me about a moment of inspiration today for you!
03.19.2010   Posted In: NETWORKER EXCHANGE   By Psychotherapy Networker
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    • Not available avatar helen 03.26.2010 11:14
      My Friday morning workshop was very good - Disarming Oppositional Kids With Play. Matthew Selekman was easy to listen to and I enjoyed his video clips very much. It has been my favorite workshop so far - glad I attended.
    • 0 avatar Mia Mantello 03.30.2010 23:32
      "Men in Therapy" with Dr. David Wexler was excellent. Informational, inspiring, entertaining.His use of film clips brought home his points and drew us all in emotionally.I will look for and attend more of his workshops.Mia from Maine
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