Dan Goleman's Friday Morning Keynote


Wow. Well, that was a wake-up call! I consider myself pretty savvy about environmental issues, and I know that many "green" products are mostly a marketing scam. But a resource like "goodguide.com" feels like a revelation.

I came out of this morning's keynote feeling totally inspired and motivated to get the real information about the environmental impact I make with my consumer choices. The idea of being able to find out about the real environmental impact of the products I use feels soempowering - I've often felt the sense of, well, they sayit's green.... but how do I really know? Am I being fooled?

So, yay for goodguide.com and Dan Goleman. Can't wait to read his book! Anyone else moved or relieved? I know.... weird to say "relieved" when our situation is so dire... but, tell me what you thought.

03.19.2010   Posted In: NETWORKER EXCHANGE   By Psychotherapy Networker
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    • 0 avatar Polly Drew 03.28.2010 00:37
      I was so disappointed with Dan Goleman's keynote. He sounded the alarm bells but never brought it back to clinical work or even what, other than going to goodguide.com, we can/should do. I shared my disappointment with a few others and they agreed.
    • 0 avatar Garry Cooper 03.28.2010 04:08
      It was good, albeit difficult, to get away from the usual uplifting keynotes. Goleman's keynote wasn't easy to hear but it may have been one of the most important Symp keynotes yet. Pollydrew raises an important point, and it would be great to start a discussion here about how we can use what Goleman said to inform our practices. The question needs to be asked and discussed among therapists: given teh current zeitgeist and science, if we don't take into account in our therapy the very real and unprecedented danger facing our world, are we abetting denial?
      • 0 avatar Polly Drew 03.31.2010 20:38
        As a Symposium vet, I've listened to difficult keynotes--ones that bring us face to face with social injustice and downright outrage. (Ken Hardy's on race and Mary Pipher's on the Lost Boys come to mind and more). But all, like Goleman, trained as psychologists made it a priority to bring it right back to where most of us live which is in the clinical room with our patients. I think it's important for Rich Simon to insist that Keynotes speak to their audience which in this case were 3K mental health providers. Otherwise we could be hearing another op ed piece in the NYTimes. I can stay home and read that online.
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