Reshaping the Trauma Narrative


In his upcoming session of our upcoming streaming-video webcast series, “The Latest Advances in Trauma Treatment: New Perspectives on PTSD,” Don Meichenbaum explains how to help clients find the more positive “untold” story behind the trauma they experienced.

In this clip, Meichenbaum demonstrates the first step to effective trauma work: forming a therapeutic alliance with the client through the use of “what” and “how” questions distributed over the course of the session. Watch the clip to hear examples of such questions, and learn why they are so effective.

Don Meichenbaum, Ph.D., a founder of Cognitive Behavioral Modification, was voted one of the 10 most influential psychotherapists of the century in a survey reported in the American Psychologist. An expert in the treatment of PTSD, he’s the author of A Clinical Handbook/Practical Therapist Manual of Assessing and Treating Adults with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The Latest Advances in Trauma Treatment
New Perspectives on PTSD

Starts Thursday, August 23rd

Click here for full course details.

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