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The 5 Essential Ingredients of Effective Trauma Treatment


Exploring the Do’s and Don’ts of Trauma Work

Mary Jo Barrett, as part of our upcoming streaming-video webcast series, “The Latest Advances in Trauma Treatment: New Perspectives on PTSD,” explores the most important fundamentals in working with trauma clients. In her presentation, she’ll outline how to effectively structure a collaborative approach to treatment.

In this clip, Barrett discusses how she uses the natural cycle of growth as a metaphor for traumatized clients, thus helping the clients to acknowledge those cycles and expand to new realities.

Mary Jo Barrett, M.S.W., the founder and director of the Center for Contextual Change, teaches at the University of Chicago. She’s the coauthor of Systemic Treatment of Incest and coeditor of Treating Incest: A Multimodal Systems Perspective.

The Latest Advances in Trauma Treatment:
New Perspectives on PTSD

Starts Thursday, August 23rd

Click here for full course details.

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