The Web Made Easy, with Bill O'Hanlon


Thank you to everyone who attended today’s webinar, Bill O’Hanlon’s “The Web Made Easy.” This session--and this Comment Board!--is an integral part of the collective learning process we’re all embarking on together, in order to understand the changing world around us.

Please take a minute to tell us about what stood out for you during today’s session--a piece of useful information or a thought-provoking anecdote. Or, share with us your favorite technological tools that have benefited your professional or personal life. What are some resources you use to improve your practice or yourself?

Please share with us whatever you felt was most striking about today’s webinar and, to create a better sense of community, we invite you to include your name and hometown with your comment. Thank you all so much for your participation and inspiring thoughts.

10.04.2010   Posted In: NETWORKER EXCHANGE   By Psychotherapy Networker
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    • 0 avatar Mavis Baird 10.13.2010 07:04
      I am interested in Bill's other services. What is that website again?
      • Not available avatar 10.13.2010 11:32
        www.billohanlon.com; www.getyourbookwritten.com; www.paidpublicspeaker.com; www.yourlifeoffreedom.com
    • Not available avatar 10.13.2010 07:05
      I'm also a singer/songwriter and I'm hearing the same advice in that universe as well. Unfortunately, I joined the webinar late due to staff needs and was interrupted a couple of times, so it would be great if a transcript could be made available.
      • 0 avatar Amy Heikkinen 10.14.2010 07:42
        The transcript is available through the Enhanced Track - just $15 for the transcript, MP3 recording, and 1 CE credit. You can buy it from the course description, here: http://www.psychotherapynetworker.org/free-live-webinars/current-webinars/article/212-w009-the-web-made-easy (click the red Enhanced button)
    • Not available avatar 10.13.2010 07:07
      Thanks so much. It was very useful and affirming for a direction my colleague and I are taking. Started downloading and installing Wordpress during the conference. I'm interested in how you chose the service providers (criteria) such as iLink and Constant Contacts.

      Lynda Ruf
    • Not available avatar 10.13.2010 07:08
      Only got in at discussion about Permission Marketing, interesting new info for me. Would like to hear more thoughts about ethical issues being clinical with internet. Had trouble getting audio because had not used this method before, but ilink phone support worked.
    • Not available avatar 10.13.2010 07:16
      This was good stuff for us counselors. What was (and will be) especially helpful to me were the last comments: use the modern communication technologies to express your personality as well as spread those ideas you have gleaned in your years of counseling. (Though I am just beginning my counseling career, I first used bitnet in the early 80's to set a note to my son who was in college--it seemed so amazing!) Ray McKinnis, Winfield, Il.
    • Not available avatar 10.13.2010 07:26
      I appreciated Bill's insight into location and time independent entrepreneurship.

      The tip about making sure the tag is included at the top of each page/screen -- simple, helpful reminder.

      The point of using, eg, Wordpress, on one's own site rather than housing on WP site makes sense.

      Astonishing that half of his income comes from two monthly coaching teleconferences

      Thanks, practical and inspirational offering.

      Tech tip: have each webpage include the date of last update, so reader has some sense of how current is the info.
    • 0 avatar Betsy Wright Loving 10.13.2010 07:32
      This was a great shot in the arm for me. I, too, am interested in and excited about many things -- except, unfortunately, for internet marketing. I admit to being more than a little frozen and avoidant of the subject, to be completely truthful... So even though technology and marketing may not be my greatest talent, Bill's lighthearted, energetic, and resourceful chat about all the possibilities really lit my fire. I'm excited to learn more and unleash my creative talents in this new direction. Thanks for the inspiration! Betsy Loving, Arlington, WA
    • Not available avatar 10.13.2010 07:51
      I found Bill's enthusiasm to be infectious. I am excited at the prospect of opening my own YouTube channel. I've been managing my own website for years but Bill made me realize that there's so much more I could do.
    • Not available avatar 10.13.2010 08:18
      I especially liked Bill's cautions on what's appropriate and what's not in an online format.
    • Not available avatar 10.14.2010 03:56
      It seems a bit churlish, I suppose, to complain about a free seminar, but I was disappointed. It was more of a rambling conversation that really any kind of helpful presentation. And it was ironic that in a webinar about the possibilities of technology there were, what, two generic slides? I have enjoyed many of Bill's presentations over the years, but this was not one of them. I checked out about midway through.
    • Not available avatar 10.14.2010 04:53
      Would have been nice to have been able to download and install the necessary software at my leisure. I was out of town on slow wireless and, since we were not allowed to connect until 30 min before,at which point the configuration began, I wound up missing the first couple minutes.
    • Not available avatar 10.14.2010 05:05
      Use of cell phone resulting in poor audio quality was not appropriate, especially since the disappointing lack of slides turned it into basically an audio seminar accompanied by a frenzy of note taking. Things like the websites mentioned should have been on slides, to give just one example. Twice as much information could have been disseminated by abandoning the interview format and having Bill do all the talking. Bottom line was lots of very good information marginally presented.
    • Not available avatar 10.14.2010 05:49
      From the above comments, it is clear that some us are more digitally savvy than others. Those who wanted more advanced info seem disappointed; but, as one of those who is not so savvy (yet), I add my thanks to the rest of my group's comments!
      In particular, was relieved to hear Bill's comments on providing online therapy sessions. My instincts have always been to avoid this venue for that process, but it was very reassuring to have my instincts affirmed by someone who actually uses this venue for almost everything else!
      In case you are willing to provide any downloadable info sheets that I can use along with my furiously taken notes, that would be much appreciated.
      Thanks, in general, for providing this valuable platform of information and experience sharing.
      Caryn, Oxnard, CA
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