Dancing With Your Brain-Session 1


Like Rich Simon said during today’s first Master Class webinar session with Dan Siegel, it’s absolutely amazing what opportunities technology affords us all. This kind of experience is extremely relevant to the kinds of online applications mentioned in the current issue’s articles.

Despite a few technical glitches, today’s hour-long session Dancing With Your Brain was a fascinating experience, especially knowing that thousands of therapists were on the line together, all listening and learning from the same presentation.

I know that, for me, the Wheel of Awareness was definitely a high point of the conversation. Siegel led this meditation-like exercise that helped us all become more mindful ofthe moment, more aware of ourselves and our senses, showing us just how much such a practice can change how we can live.

It’s always a wonderful experience to hear Dan Siegel speak because he’s somehow able to take complex brain-science--which is usually like travelling to a foreign country and not knowing the language--and translate it into words that resonates with anybody, including people who have never studied the brain.

I thought that one of the most interesting points he made was that this important awareness and integration can help transform us all from individuals who passively “read” about our own lives into purposeful “authors” of our lives.

What a captivating introduction to an exciting webinar course. Be sure to go up and visit the Comment Board--which many have already used to post interesting thoughts—and as always, I encourage you to share your ideas and experiences here, and to see our Facebook and Twitter pages to continue the conversation. I already can’t wait for next week’s session with Siegel—enlightening, as always!

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    • 0 avatar Janine Santoro 09.22.2010 11:16
      I also enjoyed the class very much. I do group therapy sessions in a behavioral medicine in-patient hospital setting. I would like to learn how to take the Integration model and present it to a group to teach them how to resolve many of their problems that have brought them into the hospital. It could be a great exercise; I just want a more concrete format of how teach it.
      Janine in Louisiana
      LPC, LMFT
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