Networker Articles Admired By AlterNet Fans


The Networker was featured again yesterday on news site, AlterNet.org--this time not just for one specific article, but to showcase the increasing popularity of Networker articles among its readers.

“Of the 12 articles we’ve published, ten of them have been featured in our Top 10 Stories of the Week, and that is from a pool of more than 60 or 70 weekly,” AlterNet reporter Don Hazen writes, “So it seems very clear that personal issues, explored deeply and intelligently, strike a chord in many of you.”

For me, that’s the basis of engaging journalism--personal issues--framed in a way that can be applied to our everyday lives. Sure, everyone has their specific news interests--maybe it’s politics, sports, celebrity gossip (whether or not they admit it!). But ultimately, I think that many of us appreciate reading about the wide range of phenomena that effect people.

Although Psychotherapy Networker is written by mental health professionals for professionals, popular topics are often fascinating and applicable for a non-therapist population, too.

Since May, 12 Networker articles have appeared on AlterNet, all of them generating interest and a slew of user comments. These include Tammy Nelson’s “The New Monogamy,” David Wexler’s “Shame-o-Phobia” and “Is Porn Bad for You?” by Wendy Maltz.

See what other Networker articles have struck interest in the hearts of AlterNet fans here.

What do you think of AlterNet community's attraction to the Networker?

07.30.2010   Posted In: NETWORKER EXCHANGE   By Psychotherapy Networker
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