Journey into the Wilderness


While immersing myself in Dick Anderson’s “Seeking the Silence” (July/August,) I felt that familiar feeling of awe that comes from observing someone do something that I could never do myself! It’s like when I’ve attended a particularly good concert, or when I've seen something remarkable like the performers in Cirque du Soleil. I always think, "Wow. . . I wish I could do that!" 

That’s how I felt upon imagining Dick Anderson navigating through the wilderness, after feeling a calling to trade city streets, friends, and family for mountains and grizzly bears for a period of time each year. I can barely find my way around Washington, DC--even with a GPS--without getting a bit turned around, while he uses his knowledge and expertise to maneuver his way around new, wild locations.

I also loved the fact that the Networker, a magazine for psychology professionals, strives to broaden horizons to include stories about life rather than just discussing client cases or psychology advancements. Even though that’s always beneficial and interesting, I’ve come to recognize psychological phenomena everywhere in life. Experiences that reflect psychology happen every day, within individuals, families, couples, schools, offices, cultures, and everywhere else.

Anderson will be returning to Alaska soon (lucky him, to escape some of this DC heat!) If you’re interested, view his descriptions of his trip here.

I loved this chronicle of what pulled him into the wilderness, a narrative of some of his unique outdoor experiences and his feelings once he was home. And of course, a chance to view some of his amazing photography! See more of his gorgeous photos here.

What did you think of this article? If you have any of your own wilderness stories to share, or any thoughts about Anderson’s, please comment here!

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